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DCP Ceramics are handmade in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by Danielle Clare Pomorski.  Inspired by landscapes, natural rock formations, and collected stones Danielle prefers to leave the natural textures that occur while manipulating the clay into shape. Highlighting the surface variations with different glaze combinations and playing with shape, form, and design. Each piece is made to be a one of a kind modern artifact. 

Danielle Clare Pomorski is Ceramics and Theatre artist from Erie, PA. She has been working with clay since 2003.  She has studied at Ohio Wesleyan University under Kristina Bogdanov.  In 2009 she moved to Athens, Greece where she was taught by a couple that were both third generation Greek potters. In 2010 she moved to Brooklyn and took a few classes at Choplet taught by the brilliant Damien Garcia. She is now working as the Tech manager of Choplet where she also teaches classes.

You can find DCP Ceramics at 

Russell Janis Gallery

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